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My name is Susannah Thompson and I am an artist living in the Market Town of Buxton, right in the heart of the Peak District.

Since a toddler, I've always been interested in shifting colours around and throwing paint about and I appreciate the luxury of being able to continue to indulge this passion as an adult!


I decided to create this online portfolio to make it easier for friends (and anyone interested) to have a browse of my pictures.

Living in Buxton as I do, my work has started to reflect the many moods and ever changing weather of this beautiful, elusive, sometimes frustrating but always enthralling landscape. Rain or shine, hail or snow, muddy, muggy and very occasionally dry, it is a source of constant inspiration to me and always fills me with a sense of delight that I am blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the world.


I think that it is the very transient nature of the light dancing upon the hills in Derbyshire that makes the landscape so special; each view is unique as  the weather is a travelling, kinetic beast that will not be tamed! Oh but when the sun shines how beautiful are the intense colours?

My recent projects have been working with oil paint, creating large abstract landscapes of Kinder Scout.


Currently I'm getting rather excited by ink and oils togther on photographic paper....who knows what will happen! All I know is that it makes a fantastic mix of colours that just glide across the page, great for depicting the Derbyshire landscape.

If you like what you see here then please get in contact or have a look at my extra links for forthcoming exhibitions.





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