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Grinlow Art and Story Telling Trail


We are Grinlow Art Trail, a group of local and not so local artists and makers who, last year, created a rather fabulous art trail This year we are planning to do it all over again and are happy to welcome more artists and makers on board to help make the trail next year even more fantastic and diverse and our plan is to include more musicians and story tellers.

As part of Buxton Festival we are creating an art trail that will be showcased in the magnificent Grinlow Woods in Buxton. The trail will display a variety of installations, including sculpture, textiles and good old fashioned painting to name but a few!


The trail will lead to a hand made geodesic dome which will be a rather lovely venue (and shelter!) for local story tellers and musicians to entertain and delight our hordes of visitors!

There will also be a selection of FREE creative workshops before and during the event for the local community.

As well as being a community arts project, the Grinlow Art Trail will also be raising money for a chosen charity.

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